Sooner Pride Painting brings the wonderful world of power washing to you. It's amazing what we can achieve when directed to do some clean up jobs around our community. Wether you want to remove some grease/oil spots from your garage or driveway to cleaning off some of the weather elements from your home, we can do it all. Sooner Pride has a completely mobile rig that uses a hot water pressure system to remove the toughest elements. We are certified in oil removal and use all the proper tools in regards to the EPA.

Power Washing


  • Degreaser if needed (mostly for oil spots).

  • Hot water unit or Cold water unit.

  • Surface Cleaner or Power Washing Wand.

  • Scraping first or after if needed.

Power Washing Ideas

  • Garage oil/grease spots erased.

  • Gum spots removed.

  • vinyl around house cleaned.

  • Dirt removal from sidewalks.

Finished Project

​100% satisfaction guaranteed.