Sooner Pride Painting excels in residential painting & remodeling. This is where it all began for our company. We take pride in meeting our customers expectations, as well as, using our set knowledge to improve your structure far beyond what you knew it was capable of. The secret is in the prep work, and we take our time with everything down to the smallest detail to provide you a long lasting finish and home you can be proud to own. 




We here at Sooner Pride know that the interior of your home is very important to you. This is your castle and place of rest. The work we provide will surely make you love opening the door every time you come home. Our company prides ourselves on maintaining a clean workspace while we get the job done. If you feel like the interior of your home could use an update, our team of interior designers and managers would love to bring new life into your home.


Sooner Pride has a strategic process when it comes to tackling the exterior of your home. It all starts with the prep work we put in and using the right quality of materials. Taking the time to prep your house is what seperates us from the competition. We break down the process for you and highlight every matter we come across. We here at Sooner Pride belive in the quality of our work and the old saying, "the customer is always right." We look forward to changing your home as you see fit.